CFA Awards 2014

YearCountyApplicantProject TitleProject Discription (click to expand)AgencyTotal CFA Award
2014DutchessCity of BeaconSouth Avenue Bridge DesignThe City of Beacon will design a multiuse
bridge across the Fishkill Creek on
South Avenue at the Madam Brett Park
and Trail. The bridge will provide direct
access to the Hudson River waterfront and
Fishkill Creek Greenway and serve as a
critical connection to Beacon’s waterfront
and central business district, as well as
Denning’s Point State Park, Mount Beacon
and the Hudson Highlands Trail system.
DOS LWRP$1,000,000
DutchessCity of PoughkeepsieCity of Poughkeepsie Waterfront DevelopmentThe City of Poughkeepsie will complete an
engineering report to consider correcting
and extending public infrastructure
resources in the area of the Hudson River
DEC EPGP$30,000
DutchessHudson River housingRestoration of Poughkeepsie Underwear FactoryFunding will be used to help restore and
adaptively reuse the former Poughkeepsie
Underwear Factory, which will be the
future home of a commercial enterprise
and affordable housing.
DutchessHudson river Housing, Inc.Middle Main Revitalization ProgramAdaptive reuse of historic building located
at 8 North Cherry Street in Poughkeepsie.
ESD Grants$850,000
DutchessJalor Properties LLCHudson Valley BreweryJalor Properties, LLC will use the funds to
purchase and restore a turn of the century
factory building into Beacon, NY into a
mid-size production brewery and taproom
in New York’s Hudson River Valley.
Hudson Valley Brewery will also feature a
Bavarian-style beer hall and beer garden
with a simple food menu consisting of
fresh ingredients from local farms.
ESD MNY$40,000
DutchessJalor Properties LLCHudson Valley BreweryRestoration of a historic factory building
into a mid-sized production brewery and
taproom that will feature a Bavarian-style
beer hall with a simple farm-to-table menu
consisting of fresh ingredients from local
farms in Beacon
ESD Grants$450,000
DutchessMensch Grasmere, LLCGrasmere FarmA boutique hotel, spa, restaurant and farm
facility to be built around the adaptive
re-use of the historic Grasmere Estate in
ESD Grants$1,000,000
DutchessMill Street LoftPoughkeepsie Youth Callenge Year 3"Art Institute: Poughkeepsie Youth
Challenge" (AI:PYC) is the third year of
a college preparedness course for local
youth living in poverty. The AI:PYC
curriculum incorporates family meetings,
team building, status reports and
individual goals for each student's art and
in-school work; ensuring graduation from
high school, entrance into college and
scholarships. Art Institute graduates have
been offered over $30 million in meritbased
ARTS CHPG$48,000
DutchessThe Cullinary Institute of AmericaFour Season Sustainable GardenConstruction of a Four Season Sustainable
Garden, a year-round growing facility for
seasonal fruits and vegetables, complete
with solar-powered cold frames and
greenhouse structures.
ESD Grants$200,000
DutchessTown of Hyde ParkRetrofitting Hyde Park's Town CenterThe Retrofitting Hyde Park's Town Center
project will make the Town of Hyde Park's
key commercial area development-ready
by proactively conducting design work
and environmental review. LEED for
Neighborhood Development principles
will guide the project, with state-ofthe
art site planning, stormwater
management, wastewater management
and pedestrian amenities incorporated to
foster sustainable development. Overall,
this project will increase walkability and
bikability, revitalize the downtown area,
and reduce transportation emissions in
Hyde Park.
NYSERDA CGC2$161,000
DutchessVillage of Wappingers FallsWappingers Falls Waterfront Strategic Investment InitiativeConstruction of a redundant storm
resiliency water main loop to service the
remediated superfund site, the "Bleachery"
in downtown Wappingers Falls.
ESD Grants$800,000
DutchessWalkway Over the HudsonGreater Walkway Experience ProjectThe Walkway Over the Hudson will
create the infrastructure necessary to
encourage the nearly 700,000 annual
visitors to Walkway State Park to venture
beyond the Park to patronize hotels,
restaurants, shops, and cultural venues
in the surrounding region. The project will
leverage the success of the Walkway to
benefit the host communities in Ulster and
Dutchess Counties and beyond. In addition
to creating wayfinding signage and an
outreach campaign, this initiative involves
further collaboration with Marist College and
IBM in enhancing the Walkway Mobile Web
Tour and the creation of a web platform that
will host an array of rich travel content.
ESD MNY$189,000
DutchessCity of PoughkeepsiePoughkeepsie City Center Connectivity ProjectThe Poughkeepsie City Center
Connectivity Project seeks to remedy
transportation related barriers that are
inhibiting revitalization of Poughkeepsie's
historic central business district. The
project will reintroduce high performance
transit along Main Street; transform Market
Street into a complete Street; convert
the City’s arterials into boulevards; and
enhance pedestrian connectivity between
City Center and the City’s waterfront.
This project will result in a sustainable
transportation network while increasing
economic development and redeveloping
vacant land.
NYSERDA CGC2$250,000
DutchessCornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess CountyEnergy Plan for Dutchess CountyThe Energy Plan for Dutchess
County involves the development of a
comprehensive feasibility study for organic
waste recycling in Dutchess County. The
Project will focus on methods to divert
organic components in the solid waste
stream in order to reduce the volume of
waste generated in the County. The waste
will also be reused through composting
to generate biogas through anaerobic
digestion, ultimately reducing greenhouse
gas emissions
NYSERDA CGC2$233,000
DutchessEfco Products Inc.Manufacturing Expansion ProjectPurchasing of new machinery and
equipment to increase capacity of
production and increase efficiency in
packaging and handling, thus improving
the company's ability to compete in the
baked goods industry.
ESD Grants$80,000
All 7 + GreeneGreater Hudson Heritage NetworkIncrease Program Offerings and AssistanceGreater Hudson Heritage Network will
expand the Program Coordinator position
to address the increased request for
assistance from the field resulting from the
organization's broadened constituent base.
ARTS WIP$49,500
Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, WestchesterCommunity Capital New York, Inc.Hudson Valley Oppurtunity FundCreation of a revolving loan fund by
Community Capital, the SBA certified
micro-lender for the Hudson Valley.
ESD Grants$1,000,000
Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Sullivan, Ulster WestchesterShop-Rite Supermarkets, Inc.Food Safety, Customer Service and Management TrainingShop-Rite Supermarkets, Inc. of Florida
will train 120 workers in National Registry
for Food Safety professional food safety
management, National Retail Federation
customer experience, and National Retail
Federation retail management.
DOL EET$100,000
Dutchess, Orange, UlsterArts MidHudsonEnhance Marketing and Community OutreachArts Mid-Hudson will hire a new, full-time
Marketing/Outreach Assistant. The new
employee will enable senior staff to focus
on programmatic goals while ensuring
necessary administrative work continues
to be done in a timely manner, creating
a more efficient work atmosphere and
facilitating greater impact among a larger
geographic region across Dutchess,
Ulster, and Orange Counties.
ARTS WIP$24,700
Dutchess, PutnamTown of FishkillHudson Highlands Fjord TrailScenic Hudson will use the grant funds
for improvements that include, a new
Hudson Highlands State Park visitor
welcoming area and at the Metro-North
Railroad Breakneck Ridge Train Stop. A
new ADA-accessible multi-use trail will be
created and these ADA-accessible train
station improvements will enable increased
transit-based recreation for all ages and
all abilities. Additionally, a new visitor
welcoming area will provide enhanced
parking for cars and bicycles
ESD MNY$100,000
Dutchess, PutnamTown of FishkillHudson Highlands Fjord TrailConstruction of a new visitor welcoming
area at Hudson Highlands State Park, a
new parking lot at the MTA Breakneck
Ridge Train Stop, and a new ADAaccessible
multi-use trail connecting
Beacon & Cold Spring.
ESD Grants$335,000
Dutchess, PutnamTown of FishkillHudson Highlands Fjord TrailFunding will be used to build a multiuse
trail between the Breakneck Ridge Train
stop to the Breakneck Ridge Trailhead, as
part of the Hudson Fjord project.
Parks PADP$500,000
Dutchess, UlsterBardavon 1869 Opera HouseSound Equipment AcquisitionThe Bardavon will purchase two sets of
mini line array sound equipment for use
at its namesake theater in Poughkeepsie
and its sister theater in Kingston, the Ulster
Performing Arts Center (UPAC). When
needed, this equipment is currently rented.
The mini line array will be an affordable
in-house option that will increase audio
quality and provide a rental revenue
stream for both theaters
ARTS APCE$17,400
All 7Mid-Hudson Pattern for ProgressRegional Infrastructure PlanningSurvey of all municipalities in the MidHudson
Region to assess capacity and
barriers to appropriate infrastructure
investment in the Region with a case study
approach for the Opportunity Area.
ESD SPFS$60,000
OrangeBlack Rock Forest ConsortiumBlack Rock Forest Public Access PathwayGrant funding will be used to construct
a public access pathway at the entrance
to Black Rock Forest in the Hudson
Highlands that will handle all pedestrian
traffic and be ADA accessible.
Parks PADP$216,924
OrangeCity of NewburghNewburgh Sanitary Sewer Overslow Investigation ProjectThe City of Newburgh will complete an
engineering report to evaluate sewer
discharges along the Hudson Riverfront
and east of existing sanitary sewer
overflow regulators.
DEC EPGP$27,840
OrangeCity of NewburghNortheast Orange County Water Supply Sustainability ProjectThe project will provide access to a
backup source of water supply to several
municipalities located in Northeast Orange
County. The project includes upgrades
to the City of Newburgh Water Filtration
Plant as well intermunicipal connections
between the City of Newburgh and the
Towns of Newburgh and New Windsor
DOS LGE$600,000
OrangeCity of Port JervisCity of Port Jervis Jersey Avenue Sewer ProjectThe City of Port Jervis will use $590,867
in NYS CDBG funds to repair and replace
failed and aged sewer lines and to replace
deteriorated lateral connections. The total
project cost is $620,867 with $30,000 in
local funds from the City of Port Jervis.
HCR CDBGPI$590,867
OrangeEquillibrium Brewery, LLC.Establish Brewing and Canning FacilityThe creation of a brewing and canning
facility which will produce craft beer to be
sent out to distributors
ESD Grants$204,000
OrangeGreater Newburgh PartnershipPort of Newburgh Economic Development StrategyThe Greater Newburgh Partnership (GNP)
seeks to revitalize the City of Newburgh’s
waterfront. Integrating a long-term
waterfront access and mobility strategy.
ESD SPFS$25,000
OrangeHudson Valley Paperworks Inc.Facility UpgradeExpansion of custom printing business into
the digital realm by creating a high-end
on-demand custom book-building and
stationery purchasing system.
ESD EJP$600,000
OrangeKikkerfrosch LLCNew Production FacilityConstruction of a 100,000-square-foot,
state-of-the-art brewery
ESD EJP$500,000
OrangeMiddletown Community Health Center Inc.Establish New Health CenterConversion of a train station into a new
location for Middletown Community Health
ESD Grants$1,650,000
OrangeNewburgh Community Land Bank Inc. Newburgh Commercial Food HubAcquisition and sustainable redevelopment
of three buildings in Newburgh for a
hydroponic greenhouse, a commercial
kitchen facility and a farm-to-table
ESD Grants$200,000
OrangePallisades Parks Conservancy Inc.Restoring the Tower of VictoryFunding will be used to restore the Tower
of Victory at Washington's Headquarters
State Historic Site to its original
OrangeSafe Harbors of the HudsonSafe Harbors is will hire a part-time Arts
and Culture Community Engagement
Coordinator. The newly created position
will increase the impact and capacity of
Safe Harbors' arts and cultural projects
and programs.
ARTS WIP$49,500
OrangeUSAI, LLCFacility ExpansionExpansion to facilitate increased
manufacturing of LED fixtures and the
return of several product lines produced in
ESD Grants$1,000,000
OrangeUSAI, LLCFacility Expansionion
Expansion to facilitate increased
manufacturing of LED fixtures and the
return of several product lines produced in
ESD EJP$250,000
OrangeVillage of GoshenCRV Well ProjectConstruction of a CRV well pumping
facility including installation of pitless units
on the two existing wells and pipe to a
building where water will be flow metered,
sequestered, disinfected, and pumped to
Goshen water distribution system.
ESD Grants$80,000
OrangeVillage of Kiryas JoelKiryas Joel Headworks Loading AnalysisThe Village of Kiryas Joel will complete
an engineering report to analyze the
headworks loading and assess the impacts
of a proposed industrial discharge to the
Village’s wastewater treatment plant.
DEC EPGP$30,000
OrangeVillage of Kiryas JoelVillage of Kiryas Joel Drinking Water ImprovementsThe Village of Kiryas Joel will use $600,000
in NYS CDBG funds for improvements to
the Village’s backwash filtration system.
The total project cost is $725,000 and
includes $125,000 in Village funds.
HCR CDBGPI$600,000
Orange, Rockland, WestchesterJawonio Inc.Health and Wellness TrainingJawonio Inc. of New City will train
240 workers in understanding the
spectrum of disabilities, personcentered
planning, strategies for crisis
intervention and prevention, behavioral
management in community settings,
medication administration, first aid and
cardiopulmonary resuscitation, healthy
choices, gastrointestinal tube feeding, and
advanced direct medical care
DOL EET$86,400
PutnamGreen Chimneys SchoolGreen Chimneys School ExpansionRenovation of two existing vacant
buildings to add seven new classrooms
to serve special needs and preschool
children with high quality early education
and specialized and intensive therapeutic
ESD Grants$750,000
PutnamHudson Valley Shakespeare FestivalEducation and Outreach at Hudson Valley Shakespeare FestivalIn 2015 Hudson Valley Shakespeare
Festival's Education and Outreach
Department will provide innovative handson
arts education programs and outreach
initiatives, increasing access to and
participation in the arts. Programs include:
In-school performances, workshops and
residencies; Shakespeare Summer Camp;
Acting Apprenticeships, Technical Theater
and Arts Admin Internships; Shakespeare
Institute & Teacher Resource Workshops.
ARTS CHPG$71,600
PutnamManitoga Inc.Sanctuary Production Phase II and Installation.Manitoga will receive support for a
series of intricate large-scale sculptures
by structural artist Stephen Talasnik at
Manitoga, the modernist home, studio and
landscape of 20th century designer Russel
Wright in Garrison. The installation is part
of a new initiative that annually reinterprets
Manitoga through bold artistic statements.
ARTS CHPG$16,700
RocklandAnellotech, Inc.Laboratory and Office Expansion ProjectLease of laboratory and office space for
corporate HQ, engineering and R&D
labs. Specialized reactors and analytical
equipment will be installed to study the
Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of biomass to
produce basic petroleum products
ESD Grants$750,000
RocklandBad Ass Cider Company, LLC.Manufacturing Expansion ProjectCreation of a Hudson Valley craft beer,
cider, distilling and bottling operation.
ESD EJP$100,000
RocklandBad Ass Cider Company, LLC.Hudson Valley Craft Beer Cider and Spirits ProjectCreation of a Hudson Valley Craft beer,
cider and distilling operation that will bottle
craft beer, cider, and spirits.
ESD Grants$500,000
RocklandeWorks Electronics Services Inc.eWorks Mid-Hudson Electronics Processing CenterCreation and development of an
electronics recycling and refurbishing hub
for the Mid-Hudson Region.
ESD Grants$75,000
RocklandGamerville Arts ProjectExpand Programming CapabilitiesGARNER Arts Center was severely
damaged by Hurricane Irene suspending
most of the organization's programs and
plans for expansion and staffing. The
new Program Director position is vital
to re-establish GARNER programming.
The Program Director's duties will include
planning, budgeting, staffing, implementing
and evaluating programs, and fundraising.
ARTS WIP$49,500
RocklandHudson Group (HC) Retail, LLCHeadquarter Expansion and RelocationRelocation and expansion of current
headquarters operations.
ESD EJP$2,000,000
RocklandMerlin EntertainmentsLegoland ParkMerlin Entertainments will development a
site in Haverstraw for a new LEGOLAND
theme park resort. The resort would
include theme park initially, followed on by
a LEGOLAND water park and LEGOLAND
hotel. LEGOLAND parks typically bring a
strong increased economic development
to the area, including increase need for
lodging and retail space and increased
employment to the area.
ESD MNY$100,000
RocklandMerlin Entertainments Group Us Holdings Inc.Establish Legoland ParkDevelopment of a new LEGOLAND theme
park, with hotel and water park to follow.
ESD Grants$3,000,000
RocklandOrto Foods LLCManufacturing Expansion ProjectConstruction of a dedicated manufacturing
facility in order to rapidly expand and offer
JicaChips for sale in natural food stores
throughout the region.
ESD Grants$15,000
RocklandRockland Community CollegeMedical Billing and Coding TrainingRockland Community College of Suffern
will train 60 long-term unemployed workers
in medical coding.
DOL UWT$100,000
RocklandState Left Children's TheatreNew and Improved WebsiteStage Left Children's Theater will upgrade
its website with responsive web design.
This upgrade will help boost organic traffic
and enrollment in its programs.
Arts TIP$15,500
RocklandThe Hillburn Granite Company, Inc.Manufacturing Expansion ProjectConstruction of a manufacturing facility
for the fabrication of dimensional stone.
Purchase and installation of stone cutting
equipment and equipment to move the
stone within and around the building.
ESD Grants$300,000
RocklandTown of ClarkstownTransit Oriented Planning for NanuetThe Transit Oriented Planning for
Nanuet project involves the design and
implementation of a detailed plan to
redevelop vacant and underutilized land
in the hamlet of Nanuet into a mixed-use,
transit oriented neighborhood. This plan
will include: a new multimodal transit
station on the existing line; mixed-use
retail, office and workforce residential
units; multi-use pedestrian paths; walkable,
pedestrian-friendly storefront streets; parks
and other green space; and integrated
parking decks to reduce surface parking.
The project is expected to result in a transit
oriented neighborhood centered around
a new multi-modal transit station while
creating jobs and strengthening the local
NYSERDA CGC2$150,000
RocklandTown of HaverstrawTown Remediation and RevitalizationDemolish the 22 buildings at the 175 acre
former Letchworth Village site to make it
shovel ready for a future development.
ESD Grants$500,000
RocklandVillage of New squareVillage of New Square Sidewalk ImprovementThe Village of New Square will use
$400,000 in NYS CDBG funds to replace
1,900 linear feet of sidewalk in the Village.
The total project cost is estimated at
$437,560 and includes $37,560 in local
funds toward the project.
HCR CDBGPI$400,000
RocklandVillage of NyackUpdates to the Comprehensive Plan: Climate Smart Planning for the 21st Century.The Village of Nyack will update its
Comprehensive Plan to integrate planning
for a resilient waterfront, multi-modal
transportation, transportation-oriented
development and increased residential
density and commercial activity. The
project will address Hudson River ferry
landing alternatives, a bus rapid-transit
hub and a transportation improvement
district at the New York State Thruway
interchange, local trolley and shuttle
options, and alternatives for bikes
and pedestrian access. The Plan will
incorporate sustainability goals and
practices for more efficient use of land,
infrastructure and natural resources and
an overall decrease in greenhouse gas
NYSERDA CGC2$206,000
RocklandVillage of PiermontLocal Waterfront Revitalization Program Update: Planning for the Post-Sandy WorldThe Village of Piermont will update its
1992 Local Waterfront Revitalization
Program. The Program will build on the
current development of a Waterfront
Adaptation Vision Plan and Resiliency
Roadmap and will focus on strategies that
reduce risk to infrastructure and property
from sea level rise, revitalize the economy
and conserve coastal resources
DOS LWRP$35,000
RocklandUnited Structural Works, Inc.Manufacturing Expansion ProjectConstruction of new manufacturing facility,
including purchase of new machinery and
equipment to accommodate bidding on a
multitude of high profile bridge projects in
the NY metro area.
ESD Grants$250,000
Rockland, Westchester, OrangeJawonio Inc.Integrated Health Wellness and Work ProjectExpansion of Jawonio's New City campusESD Grants$2,500,000
SullivanNorth American Cultural LaboratoryStrengthen Organizational ManagementNorth American Cultural Laboratory
Theatre will hire a new, full-time, salaried
Managing Director. The Managing Director
will serve the following organizational
needs: 1) Finance and Development 2)
Theatre Operations 3) Administration and
Communications. This will free up the
artistic staff to focus on art-making and the
executive staff to expand funding sources
and build community-wide support for its
ARTS WIP$49,500
SullivanSullivan CountySullivan County Microenterprise Assistance ProgramSullivan County will use $200,000 in NYS
CDBG Microenterprise Program funds to
assist in the establishment of the Sullivan
County Microenterprise Assistance
Program. The program proposes to
assist 8 microenterprises, 4 of which will
be owned by low- to moderate-income
persons. In addition, the program proposes
to create 10 full-time equivalent jobs.
HCR CDBGPI$200,000
SullivanSullivan CountyDelaware River Access ImprovementsSullivan County will complete final designs
and engineering for the Highland access
to the Delaware River. The project
includes improvements for accessibility,
traffic circulation, interpretation, overall
function and aesthetics. Maintenance and
operation agreements will also be obtained
for six river accesses including Highland,
Long Eddy, Callicoon, Skinners Falls, Ten
Mile River and Pond Eddy
DOS LWRP$35,150
SullivanTown of LibertyTown of Liberty Water Main ReplacementThe Town of Liberty will use $599,500 in
NYS CDBG funds to construct Phase 5
improvements within the White Sulphur
Springs Water District. The total project
cost is $599,500 and is proposed to be
funded in full with CDBG funds.
HCR CDBGPI$599,500
SullivanTown of LumerlandLumberland Central Sewer Feasibility Study ProjectThe Town of Lumberland will complete
an engineering report to evaluate the
construction of a central sewer system
in the Hamlet of Glen Spey and/or the
Hamlet of Mohican.
DEC EPGP$30,000
SullivanVillage of LibertyVillage of Liberty UV Disinfection System ImprovementsThe Village of Liberty will use $599,800
in NYS CDBG funds to be in compliance
with DEC issued SPDES permit and make
improvements to the Village WWTP UV
Disinfection System. The total project cost
is $599,800 and is proposed to be funded
in full with CDBG funds.
HCR CDBGPI$599,800
Multi-CountyLand Use Law Center at Pace Law SchoolMunicipal Sustainability Training Technical AssistanceThe Municipal Sustainability Training
Technical Assistance Project will
facilitate sustainable neighborhood
development through practice-based
training and technical assistance in rural,
suburban, and urban municipalities
throughout the Mid-Hudson Region.
The project will result in several training
and technical assistance workshops as
well as 28 Sustainable Neighborhood
Development Implementation Plans that
include recommendations for specific
amendments to comprehensive plans and
land use regulations to eliminate barriers to
sustainable neighborhood development
NYSERDA CGC2$250,000
UlsterCeres Technologies, Inc.New Solar Panel Manufacturing FacilityFormation of a new company to
manufacture solar panels.
ESD EJP$500,000
UlsterCity of KingstonKingston Waterfront Resiliency DesignThe City of Kingston will design shoreline
improvements on the Kingston Rondout
Waterfront. The design will address
extreme hazards from flooding, seek to
protect important facilities and the historic
Cornell Building, and help stimulate
economic development and water-related
and water-dependent activities.
DOS LWRP$60,000
UlsterCity of Kingston Parks and RecreationForsyth Park Development ProjectThis project will improve the infrastructure
within Forsyth Park including the tennis
courts, parking lots and access road,
bathrooms, Nature Center, pavilion and
Parks PADP$304,354
UlsterD&H Canal Historical Society, Inc.Deputy Canal House AcquisitionGrant funds will be used to help purchase
the 1797 Depuy Canal House in High
UlsterHepworth Farms, LLC.Hepworth Farms Hudson Valley Grown Farm HubPurchase and rehabilitation of an historic
fruit packing and storage facility, which will
act as a food hub.
ESD Grants$300,000
UlsterHudson River Valley Resorts, LLC.Williams Lake InfrastructureRedevelopment of a defunct resort in
Rosendale, NY as a sustainable resort,
spa and residential community focused on
health and wellness and conservation of
natural and historic resources.
ESD Grants$750,000
UlsterMohonk Preserve, Inc.foothills Trailhead ImplimentationGrant funding will be used to implement
Phase 2 of the Foothill Trailhead project by
building a trailhead entry and parking area,
with a visitor orientation area at the base of
the Testimonial Gateway
Parks PADP$500,000
UlsterMount Tremper Arts.Support Development & Marketing EffortsMount Tremper Arts will hire a
Development and Marketing Associate.
The position will be responsible for
research and administrative tasks
associated with fundraising and marketing
and will participate in the planning and
staffing of public events, including festival
performances and fundraisers.
ARTS WIP$15,600
UlsterPhoenicia Festival of the Voice FoundationPhoenicia International Festival of the Voice Expansion ProjectThe Phoenicia International Festival of the
Voice (FofV) proposes a transformative
expansion project that includes acquiring
a building to act as a hub for work in
the community, including arts education
programs; further developing the already
rigorous marketing plan to attract a wider
regional, national, and international
audience; and hiring a Director of
Development to focus on increasing
revenue to ensure the long-term health
and success of the organization.
ESD MNY$65,000
UlsterPhoenicia Festival of the Voice FoundationStrengthen Development Efforts and StrategyThe Development Director, a new, full-time
staff member, will provide leadership,
strategic direction and management for
all aspects of the foundation's fundraising
efforts. By hiring a full-time employee
dedicated solely to increasing revenue for
the organization, Phoenicia Festival of the
Voice will have a system in place to better
sustain and strengthen the organization.
ARTS WIP$49,500
UlsterRural Ulster Preservation CompanyKingston Lace FactoryRUPCO will use $250,000 in NYMS funds
for construction of an adaptive re-use
project to create 55 affordable live-work
lofts in the historic Lace Factory in midtown
Kingston. Total project cost is $18.9
million, with construction funded by state
& federal historic and low-income housing
tax credits, HCR UI, NYSERDA, EPF and
other private funding.
HCR NYMS$250,000
UlsterSelux CorporationFacility ExpansionExpansion of production space by building
an 16,800 square foot addition onto the
existing facility.
ESD EJP$100,000
UlsterSelux CorporationManufacturing Expansion ProjectExpand production space by building an
addition onto current building.
ESD Grants$150,000
UlsterSeton Farms, Inc. Stone Ridge Orchard Hard Cider Plant Expansion and Food HubExpansion of a farm cidery with innovative
"green" canning equipment and
construction of a food hub.
ESD Grants$130,000
UlsterShadowland Artists Inc.Shadowland Theatre Flooring and LightingShadowland Artists will use funds to
construct and install 'sprung' flooring in
its educational space, upgrade its lighting
board and purchase two new 'moving' light
instruments to match the modernizations
the organization achieved on its main
stage. This project will further fill the
organization's ability to achieve its mission
to deliver high-quality, professionally
produced plays and musicals
ARTS APCE$13,000
UlsterTown of UlsterTown of Ulster Water District Extension to Brigham Lane and Leggs Mill RoadThe Town of Ulster will use $600,000 in
NYS CDBG funds for the extension of the
Ulster Water District. The total project
cost is $612,465, which includes $12,465
in local funds.
HCR CDBGPI$600,000
UlsterTown of WawarsingTown of Wawarsing Napanoch Sewer District ImprovementsThe Town of Wawarsing will use $600,000
in NYS CDBG assistance to continue
improvements and general upgrades
of the Napanoch Sewer District’s aging
infrastructure. The total project cost is
$611,700 and includes $11,700 in local
HCR CDBGPI$600,000
UlsterVillage of EllenvilleEllenville Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SS0) Abatement Elimination and Capacity, Management Operations aand Maintenance (CMOM) Planning Project.The Village of Ellenville will complete a
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Abatement and
Elimination Plan.
DEC EPGP$30,000
UlsterWomen's Studio WorkshopRosendale Art FestivalWomen's Studio Workshop, in partnership
with artists, local government, nonprofit
and business partners, will develop and
present the first Rosendale Art Festival
in summer 2015. Twenty-two regional
and international visual artists will create
singular public art works and performance
events to be located or take place on the
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and in Main Street
storefront spaces.
ARTS CHPG$68,400
UlsterZumtobel Lighting, Inc.Manufacturing Expansion Projectt Memorial Field Renovation RehabilitationESD Grants$656,000
UlsterZumtobel Lighting, Inc.Lean Manufacturing and Operations TrainingZumtobel Lighting, Inc. of Highland will
train 201 workers in lean manufacturing,
visual factory, flow and standard work, total
productive maintenance, set-up reduction,
product wiring, machine training, facilitating
Kaizen continuous improvement practices
events, process value management,
electrical fixture design and safety, reading
design schematics, and electrical product
DOL EET$50,000
Ulster, DelawareBelleayre Conservatory, Inc.Belleayre Music FestivalIn order to build awareness and increase
sales for this event, the Belleayre
Conservatory, Inc. will use the funds to
specifically target the NYC market. This
will include an expansion of a direct
mail campaign, posters for specific
events in NYC locations, handbills
distributed, focused social media
marketing, radio and print in NYC outlets
ESD MNY$30,000
All 7The Solar Energy ConsortiumEquipment PurchasePurchase of additional equipment for
established SMARRT labs in the MidHudson
ESD Grants$1,000,000
WestchesterCity of Mount VernonStormwater & Sanitary Sewer Line ReplacementThe City of Mount Vernon will complete
an engineering report to identify illicit
connections to the City’s sanitary sewer
system and evaluate the replacement of
over 32,000 linear feet of deteriorated
sewer lines.
DEC EPGP$40,000
WestchesterCity of YonkersSaw Miller River Daylighting Phase 3Continuation of Saw Mill River daylighting,
focusing on development and construction
of a river-themed park along New Main
St. from Ann St. to the Nepperhan Ave.
arterial to set up a future riverwalk.
ESD Grants$2,500,000
WestchesterCity of YonkersAshburton Avenue RehabilitationRevitalization of distressed community
through road, bridge and pedestrian
improvements that will improve travel flow
into and out of downtown Yonkers.
ESD Grants$1,500,000
WestchesterCity of YonkersHudson River Museum West WingExpansion of exhibition space in the
Hudson River Museum to create an
entrance to the museum with access
to the Yonkers Waterfront and provide
fine arts storage and gallery space that
meets current security and climate control
ESD Grants$250,000
WestchesterCity of YonkersHudson River Museum West WingThe City of Yonkers will use grant funds to
expand the exhibition space in the Hudson
River Museum. The expansion of this
cultural space will allow for a wider range
of exhibitions that will attract more visitors
to the Museum & Yonkers
ESD MNY$380,000
WestchesterCopland HouseExpand Educational Offering & PartnershipsCopland House will hire a part-time
Manager of Education and Community
Outreach. This position will oversee,
expand and implement in-school and onsite
educational activities and relationships
with local and regional school districts,
as well as civic, business, cultural, and
community organizations.
ARTS WIP$49,500
WestchesterGreen Team SpiritWestchester Green Buildings ChallengeThe Westchester Green Business
Challenge Project will expand the
Westchester Green Business Challenge
Program to encourage businesses to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy
consumption, waste production, water
use, transportation, and land use. This
will be accomplished through tools and
activities including an interactive website,
live educational and networking events,
live training webinars, and direct personal
assistance from staff. Expected outcomes
are 125 new registered companies to the
Challenge and 140 new members certified
within three years.
NYSERDA CGC3$540,000
WestchesterHistoric Hudson River TownsSing Sing Historic Prison MuseumFeasibility/planning study into development
of a museum at the Sing Sing Correctional
Facility in the former power house and
gain access to the 1825 Cell Block
ESD Grants$250,000
WestchesterHistoric Hudson ValleyLightscapes Artist ProjectHistoric Hudson Valley's Lightscapes Artist
Project will take place at Van Cortlandt
Manor in Croton. Area artists will be invited
to submit a proposal for a sculpture to be
integrated into the Manor's Lightscapes
installation. The project is intended to drive
public participation, tourism, and cultural
vitality in the Mid-Hudson Region
ARTS CHPG$58,200
WestchesterHudson Valley Center for Contemporary ArtPeekskill Project VIThrough the Peekskill Project, Hudson
Valley Center for the Contemporary Arts
(HVCCA) hosts more 30 separate events
during the year. At least 40 education
programs occur. More than 4,000 students
participated in educational programs
during last year's Peekskill Project V. The
Projects expected outcome is well over
30,000 new visitors, the participation of
artists from many countries, and further
growth of Peekskill as a major art town
ARTS CHPG$45,700
WestchesterHudson Valley Writers CenterStrengthen Branding & CommunicationsHudson Valley Writers Center (HVWC) will
hire a new, part-time Marketing, Publicity
& Website Coordinator. The development
and rebranding of HVWC's new website
requires a MP&W Coordinator to optimize
the site in support of the Center's mission.
ARTS WIP$37,000
WestchesterJacob burns Film Center3D Projection SystemJacob Burns Film Center seeks to add
a second 3D Projection system to their
cinema complex, which is increasing
from 3 to 5 screens in 2015. Located
in their 136 seat theater, this equipment
will enable the Jacob Burns to program a
wider variety of special interest 3D media
ARTS APCE$40,000
WestchesterJay Heritage CenterRestoration of Historic Jay GardensGrant funding will be used to rehabilitate
1.5 acres of historic stone walled gardens
at the Jay Property in Rye
WestchesterJazz Forum ArtsSleepy Hollow Multicultural ArtsThe Sleepy Hollow Multicultural Arts
Celebration is laid out in two phases. Phase
1 will introduce inner village residents to
multiple art forms, including contemporary
dance, circus arts, literary arts and world
music, presented in non-traditional venues.
Phase 2 will culminate in a performance
festival on Memorial Day weekend featuring
professional performers highlighting
American jazz and Latin music.
ARTS CHPG$30,400
WestchesterJewish Home Lifecare, Sarah Neuman Center, Westchester.Certified Nurse Assistant TrainingJewish Home Lifecare, Sarah Neuman
Center, Westchester of Mamaroneck
will train 147 workers in core culture of
care, culinary skills, orientation to house,
Certified Nurse Assistant, and coaching for
DOL EET$30,668
WestchesterMount Vernon Technology and Science Youth Center for AdvancementSTEM ProjectDesign, planning and pre-construction
planning for the Mt. Vernon Technology &
Science Youth Center for Advancement,
which will expose at-risk youth to STEM
subjects through interactive exhibits,
displays, classrooms and laboratories.
ESD Grants$25,000
WestchesterPurchase CollegeGreen Infrastructure RetrofitSUNY Purchase College will implement
green infrastructure practices as a living
laboratory for students and the general
public. Bioretention and porous pavement
retrofits will be used to demonstrate how
green infrastructure can be incorporated
through the larger campus and improve
water quality in Blind Brook, which flows
into Long Island Sound.
EFC GIGP$765,000
WestchesterSoYo Exalta, LLCSoYo Exalta Mixed-use DevelopmentConstruction of approximately 400 rental
units, parking and retail near the newly
daylighted Saw Mill River in downtown
ESD Grants$1,000,000
WestchesterThe Biotechnology Incubator at NY Medical College Inc.Mid-Hudson Innovation Hot SpotThis Hot spot has partnered with other
entities in the Mid-Hudson Region to
provide a variety of servies through its
partners but will focus on the diverse
needs of the BIO Tech sector in the MidHudson
ESD HSSP$250,000
WestchesterVillage of Mount KiscoPolice Department MergerThe Village of Mount Kisco will consolidate
its Police Department into the Westchester
County Public Safety Department.
DOS LGE$340,000
WestchesterVillage of Sleepy HollowMarket Sleepy Hollow Multicultural Arts CelebrationThe Village of Sleepy Hollow will market
an innovative arts program focused on
increasing tourism to the Sleepy Hollow
area and the overall region. This multiphase
project will introduce residents and
visitors to new art forms in non-traditional
venues/underserved neighborhoods, and
promote a special event- 5 performance
festival in a circus tent on Memorial Day
ESD MNY$45,000
WestchesterVillage of TarrytownAndre Brook Pedestrian Bicycle BridgeThe Village of Tarrytown will install a new,
wider pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Andre
Brook, a tributary of the Hudson River,
to accommodate the growing volume of
users. The bridge will link the RiverWalk
and Pierson Park to recreational amenities
and pathways along the Hudson River.
DOS LWRP$47,300
WestchesterWestchester Arts Council Inc.Festival of New WorkThe Festival of New Work opens in March
2015 with a major exhibition: 'Crossing
Boarders' features installations by 10
Westchester artists with roots in China,
Nigeria, Iran and other countries. The
Festival proceeds with presentations
in multiple disciplines at participating
organizations. By showcasing the county
as a hub of creative talent and activity,
the Festival supports the county's creative
industries sector and the Office of
Tourism's 'Meet Me in Westchester' brand
ARTS CHPG$76,000
WestchesterCity of YonkersCity of Yonkers and Yonkers Board of Education Business Resources ConsolidationThe City of Yonkers and the Yonkers
Board of Education (BOE) will consolidate
five business and non-academic functions.
This will include the merging of 64 staff
positions from the BOE into City operations
to achieve efficiency. Services will include:
payroll and human resources; business
processes; office space; technology and
data; and records management.
DOS LGE$400,000
Excelsior Jobs CreditsExcelsior Jobs Program tax Credits will
be reserved for future projects including
business investments in targeted industries
that are within the region and that create or
retain jobs, create capital investment and
are consistent with the Strategic Plan.
ESD EJP$3,050,000
Low Cost Economic Development FinancingFederal Industrial Development Bond
(IDB) Cap will be made available for
state and local government issuers
to sell tax-exempt bonds for eligible
economic development, infrastructure and
community revitalization efforts.
ESD IDBC$35,000,000
NYSERDA Energy Efficiency Projects590 Energy Efficiency ProjectsNYSERDA's Commercial and Industrial
(C&I) programs offer New York businesses
solutions to improve energy efficiency
and save money through design, new
construction, renovation, and process
improvements to commercial and industrial
buildings. The New Construction Program
and Existing Facilities Program help
building owners make informed decisions
to design and renovate sustainable
buildings. The FlexTech program can
offer energy saving opportunities through
consultation and cost-sharing studies