On Tuesday, November 11, 2014 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., Clearwater, NRDC, Riverkeeper, and Scenic Hudson are presenting an urgent update on the Hudson River PCB cleanup, entitled "Hudson River PCB Forum," at the Marist College Boathouse. We will be joined by elected officials from the Upper Hudson and members of the Historic Hudson-Hoosic Partnership— a unique and voluntary network of public and private groups working together to develop projects in a 3-county area of the Upper Hudson that promote sustainable economic growth, while providing strong stewardship of the region’s rich natural and cultural resources.

Sponsored in part by the Hudson Valley Regional Council

From the mid-1940s through much of the 1970s, the General Electric Corporation (GE) discharged well over 1.3 million pounds of toxic PCBs into the Hudson River. Although GE is now addressing this pollution after decades of delay, the company plans to stop its removal and cleanup operations of PCB-contaminated sediment from the river bottom for good. This Forum is designed to inform elected officials, interested citizens, and other stakeholders in the entire Hudson region about this important turning point in the cleanup process and how it impacts our communities and our economy.

See events: http://hudsonvalleyregionalcouncil.org/events/hudson-river-pcb-forum-nov-11th-2014/


Hudson River PCB Forum 2014