Clean Heating and Cooling Campaigns

How should my municipality choose HVAC contractors as partners?

The HVAC contractors listed below have expressed interest in assisting municipalities with a NYSERDA CEC Clean Heating and Cooling campaign. HVRC asked them for details on how they could assist with these campaigns and we have published that information here. These are the providers who responded to HVRC’s request for information and by no means is this a comprehensive list. For more options, please see the NYSERDA Clean Heat Contractors list 

HVRC provides impartial technical assistance and does not promote companies or services. All NYSERDA Clean Heat Contractors were offered the opportunity to be featured here. If you are an HVAC contractor that would like to be featured here, please contact:  

List of participating contractors and answers to questions. 


How can my community market the campaign?

HVRC has compiled a list of impartial and trusted resources that municipalities can use to promote heat pumps. These can be used when tabling at a local event, for example, or when promoting the campaign on a municipal website or through social media.

Education Guides

Campaign Examples

Campaign Partners

NY Clean Energy Hubs

Hubs offer information about the benefits of energy efficiency and clean energy solutions. The Clean Energy Hubs can also share information about ways you can reduce energy use and energy costs by examining your energy decisions. Find Your Clean Energy Hub

  • EmPower+ Program – For low- and middle-income households looking to make energy efficiency improvements. Please reach out to the Energy Hubs to learn more.

Sustainable Westchester

Is your community located in Westchester County? Sustainable Westchester’s EnergySmart Homes can help you on your campaign by providing contractors, customer assistance, marketing materials, event support, etc.

Sustainable Westchester Google Drive – Outside of Westchester? You are welcome to use their digital resources and/or co-host webinars and share ideas!

Sustainable Putnam

For communities in Putnam County, Sustainable Putnam can help support your campaign by providing event, outreach, and marketing materials.

New Yorkers for Clean Power – Clean Energy Coaches

Residents can sign up for free one-one-one consultations on energy efficiency and energy transitions options.

Sustainable Hudson Valley

Financial Incentives

  • Home Energy Efficiency Programs - NYSERDA offers a range of residential programs designed to help New York State residents identify areas where their homes are driving up energy costs and can provide assistance in completing energy efficiency improvements for a healthier, more comfortable home. New Yorkers can often combine this assistance with Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and rebates to lower the cost of home energy upgrades.
  • NYS Clean Heat Rebates
  • NY Energy Advisor Website - NY Energy Advisor is a great way to find savings. When you visit the NY Energy Advisor website, you'll be asked a few simple questions. The answers to those questions will produce a customized list of helpful programs. Plus, the list will include offers or incentives from New York State and New York State's largest utilities that you may qualify for and can help put you on a path to savings.
  • Climate Reality Project Google Drive – Contains an up-to-date presentation on federal, state and utility incentives available for homeowners to electrify their homes and transport as well as to make their electricity renewable.