Welcome to CAPI Adapt!

On this site you will find information related to adaptation component of CAPI, or "CAPI Adapt" for short. At any time, if you are not sure what you should be working on, you can refer back to this web site for guidance.


CAPI Adapt is a facilitated, collaborative working group through which a select group of local governments will develop a climate vulnerability assessment (CVA) and climate adaptation chapters of their climate action plans.

The Hudson Valley Regional Council (HVRC) in partnership with the Hudson River Estuary Program and ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability), will be leading CAPI-adapt. Nine municipalities will together take a collaborative approach to climate mitigation and help bring State funding to the region for important projects.

11 Municipalities creating climate vulnerability assessments:

  1. Dutchess County
  2. Town of Rhinebeck (Dutchess County)
  3. Village of Wappingers Falls (Dutchess County)
  4. Westchester County (Westchester County)
  5. City of White Plains (Westchester County)
  6. City of Peekskill (Westchester County)
  7. Town of Ossining (Westchester County)
  8. Village of Ossining (Westchester County)
  9. Village of Tarrytown (Westchester County)
  10. Village of Irvington (Westchester County)
  11. Village of Pelham (Westchester County)

15 Municipalities creating climate adaptation chapters:

  1. Dutchess County
  2. Town of Poughkeepsie (Dutchess County)
  3. Town of Pleasant Valley (Dutchess County)
  4. Town of Rhinebeck (Dutchess County)
  5. Village of Rhinebeck (Dutchess County)
  6. Village of Wappingers Falls (Dutchess County)
  7. Westchester County (Westchester County)
  8. City of White Plains (Westchester County)
  9. City of Peekskill (Westchester County)
  10. Town of Ossining (Westchester County)
  11. Village of Ossining (Westchester County)
  12. Village of Tarrytown (Westchester County)
  13. Village of Irvington (Westchester County)
  14. Village of Pelham (Westchester County)
  15. Village of Hastings-on-Hudson (Westchester County)

Meeting #1: Kick-off 


Potential Location: Westchester County Board of Elections, 25 Quarropas St., 2nf fl., White Plains, NY.

The in-person Kick-off meeting will cover the basics of a climate vulnerability assessment and a climate adaptation chapter of their climate adaptation plans.

The presentations from this meeting, as well as subsequent meetings, will be uploaded to this site.

Learning Objectives

  • Purpose and benefits of adaptation planning
  • Purpose and elements of a climate vulnerability assessment and a climate adaptation plan (or chapter)



Westchester CAPI is made possible through a generous grant from the NYS DEC Climate Smart Communities Grant Program.